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The Infamous Episode II Story Boards

Here they are, the infamous Star Wars story boards that started all the ruckus among fans.
I have also included the responce from LucasFilms to their appearance on several websites.

the boards

Boards 1 - 3 show a battle scene between Obi Wan Kenobi and Jango Fett as well as an appearence by the young Boba Fett.

The last 2 boards show a battle between Mace Windu and Jango Fett and the first shots off Count Dooku . They also show two new creatures, the Reek and Poggle the Lesser.

The response

Dear Sirs:
Lucasfilm Ltd. and its affiliated and related entities (collectively "Lucasfilm") are the sole and exclusive owners of all rights in the major motion pictures Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Star Wars: Episode I--The Phantom Menace, and the forthcoming feature film Star Wars: Episode II (collectively the "Star Wars Films"). Those motion pictures and the characters which appear therein are protected by the copyright and trademark laws of the United States and other nations. It has come to our attention that you have posted images, story lines, descriptions, and other material relating to story boards from the production of Star Wars: Episode II on your World Wide Web site at and related pages. Pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"), other federal and state copyright laws, trademark law, and other statutes, you are hereby notified that your actions constitute infringement of Lucasfilm's rights. You may also be in possession of stolen property of Lucasfilm.

We demand that you remove all of the items described above that are accessible on or through your system or network, accessed by users through your system or network, or located using your information location tools; and disable access to any sites fulfilling these criteria. We further demand that you immediately turn over any Lucasfilm property in your possession to us and provide us with information regarding the source of the materials. You must provide written assurance that you will comply with this demand immediately.

Lucasfilm is the exclusive owner of all relevant rights in and to the Star Wars Films. Pursuant to the DMCA, we have a good faith belief that any items falling into the categories identified above infringe Lucasfilm's copyrights and other intellectual property rights, and are not authorized by Lucasfilm or its agents. I am authorized to act on Lucasfilm's behalf regarding these matters. The information provided in this communication is accurate to the best of my knowledge and is provided under penalty of perjury.


David J. Anderman
Associate Director of Business Affairs