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STAR WARS  4" action figure
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Boba Fett
300th Anniversary Action Figure from Hasbro

Sure to be one of the coolest 4" action figures from Hasbro ever.


Click here for an awesome picture.

Click here for a close up picture.

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"The figure is sculpted based on his appearance in Empire Strike Back. That is, gray gloves with differently painted fingers... the detail is incredible. Extra articulation was added to allow the arms to swivel to hold the rifle in a sniper position, and allowed Fett to look down his sights.... The cape is made of tattered cloth, and it looks spiffy. The backpack has a removable rocket that looks just like the one in the movie. It also has a second firing rocket that has a rounded tip, and is significantly longer due to safety reasons... it hangs out a small hole in the bottom of the rocket pack. A second removable gun is included in his holster. All in all, this is the best offering Hasbro seems to have had, ever. Even the packaging has a window to view the back of the figure, and a backdrop of Cloud City-and if that weren't enough, the side of the box has a large image of Boba on Cloud City."

Shipping of this product is due in November of 2000.  Several online sites are taking pre-orders at: