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Excellent site. 
Covers everthing a beginner will need to know
Buckingham Music
Outstanding site. Definitely check this out!
Buckingham Music
A must! Your one stop guide to everything about the sitar. Make sure to try the virtual sitar and check out the pictures of how sitars are made in India and the people that make them. 
David Courtney,Ph.D.
Great site. Covers everthing from the history to tuning of the sitar
Batish Institute of Music
Good Site
Mike Stickland
Great Site that includes the history and tuning of the sitar. 
Sitar Sound
Alright site, nice tuning page
Nice site! 
Nice site covering the history and development of the sitar.
Incredible site that lists an enormous amount of Raga information. Everything you want to know about a particular raga
 Intro to Indian Music
Nice essay on Indian Classical Music
Classical Music of India
Links to Essays on Indian Classical Music
Decent site about the sitar and Indian Music
Sitar Tuning
 Nice site that explains the tuning of the sitar